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What exactly is Tai Chi Chuan / Taijiquan? 

Tai Chi Chuan is an old traditional Chinese exercise that combines meditation, Daoist philosophy, breath/energy control and self-defense movements in a slow, controlled choreographed routine. It's "meditation in motion", or formally known as Path of the Body, as it requires you to focus on your bodily movements to stay in the moment, allowing you to relax while lightly exercising. Tai Chi Chuan and Taijiquan are one and the same, and translate to the same thing - "Supreme Ultimate Fist"; Taijiquan is the most accurate translation to how it's pronounced, but most Americans already know it as Tai Chi Chuan as that was how it was originally translated.

Is Tai Chi just for older adults?

Absolutely not! However, it's very popular among older people as it's a very low impact exercise than can increase flexibility, balance, energy and heart condition - all of which older people look for but can't do with other high-impact exercises. One of my goals as a young instructor is to dispel this stereotype; in China, we'd have people as young as 12-yr old kids doing Tai Chi. I was 15-years-old when I first started learning Tai Chi. I'm a very active person that trains at least 3-hours a day, and even I can attest to its benefits. 

Is the app only for iOS?

Nope! We're available on both main app stores for iOS and Android.



Which Android phones will be able to use the app?

List of Android phones

How much is the app?

Currently the app will sell for $2.99 on Apple's app store. Future updates, such as Augmented Reality mode, will increase the price of the app, so download today!

Is VR mode only for smartphones?

True Virtual Reality is putting the user in a simulated environment. To simulate as if you're in a tai chi group, our footage is broken down into 2 separate views - one for both eyes. Using a VR viewer for your smartphone, you wear your phone on your head and the 2 separate views are pulled together by our own eyesight to create a 3D effect.


Smartphones are small and can fit into many different VR headsets; tablets, however, are much bigger. It wouldn't be practical to wear your tablet on your head. Knowing this, we've given users the option to just use single-view VR. While you won't get to wear your tablet or see the footage in a 3D format, you'll still be able to look around 360° while holding your tablet eye-level.

The plus side to tablets is that you can watch videos at a much higher resolution and can follow along tutorial videos much easier.

What other locations will there be in the app?

It's only appropriate that we will take our app back to its origins - Wudangshan, China. This is where it's believed the Daoist priest, Zhang San Feng, and fellow students created Tai Chi Chuan. Today, Wudangshan is respected by tai chi students and tourists worldwide. The instructor in the app, Shifu Lei Shao Long, studied at  the China Wudang Kungfu Academy, graduating as a certified Tai Chi instructor with an honorary coach certificate. The same basic movements, meditation and form he learned while studying there is the same used in the app.

Besides Wudangshan, we're looking to film footage in Beijing and other locations worldwide. If you have location suggestions, or would like us to record a Tai Chi session at your school to be featured in the app, please let us know, and we'll see what we can do!

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