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List of Appropriate VR Viewers for Tai Chi Trainer XR

Though most VR viewers will work for the app, it's recommended to use a viewer that will allow use of your rear camera on your smartphone. One of the options in the app is an Augmented Reality mode - you'll have a 3D instructor to follow along that can be planted anywhere your phone's camera can see! This mode allows you to see your hands, as well as watching surroundings around you. To use this option, your rear camera needs to be able to see.

Here is a brief, but not limited, suggested list of viewers that should work perfectly for your new tai chi training app. Please double check that your viewer allows access to your phone's rear camera:

  • Tagital VR Headset

  • VR Box

  • ReTrak Utopia 360

  • Bytech 3D VR Universal 

  • VR2GO 3D VR Headset

  • Homido V1 

  • VR Shinecon 3D

VR box viewer for Tai Chi

Viewer with sliding door for camera

Utopia VR viewer for Tai Ch

Viewer with sliding door for camera

Viewer with open design for camera

VR viewer for Tai Chi
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