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Just downloaded our app? Or maybe you have some questions before you purchase it... let us help you out!

Tai Chi Trainer main menu

When you first open up the app, you'll start at this screen. 

Click on "Start Training" and you'll be prompted to the next screen.

You'll only see this screen once - whether you take the tour or not, you won't be bothered by this screen anymore once you've accepted the agreement after the tour or skipping it.

  • Quick Tour - you'll be guided through a quick slide-show of what the app has to offer.

  • Skip Tour - you'll skip right to the Liability Waiver

This is the main screen - your home base.

  • Basic Movements (start here)

  • Tai Chi

  • Meditation

  • Information

  • Support

  • Social Media Icons

  • Settings (lower left gear icon)

Tai Chi Trainer tour of the app
Tai Chi Trainer XR main menu

This is where you'll learn basic movements that are the foundations of moving correctly in Tai Chi.

Start at Stances - watch the tutorial and take some time to copy the movements on your own.

Then you can follow Basics 1 through 6, ultimately leading up to practicing in Virtual Reality (see "Virtual Reality" below)

Tai Chi basics

Once you've got the hang of basic movements, or just ready for a good challenge, watch the Tai Chi Tutorial - a video of the actual Tai Chi form. Rewind/fast-forward/pause to learn the movements.

When you're ready, try following along in Virtual Reality, and when you want to try something new, try out "Quick Qigong" for a 5+ min exercise.

Tai Chi main menu

Meditation is one of the core foundations of Tai Chi, which is essentially meditation in motion.

Watch our Daoist meditation method of Dongjing Qigong tutorial, then jump right into Meditation VR to practice in front of your instructor.

Use "Guided Meditation" daily to learn proper breathing techniques.

Meditation main menu

Virtual Reality Tai Chi

Here's where it gets fun and interesting!

Tai Chi Trainer XR is the only app that allows you to learn Tai Chi in a virtual reality environment. 

So what does that mean? We've rigged 360° VR cameras to one of our students and filmed our Tai Chi sessions with Shifu Lei Shao Long and 3 other students. This allows you to look in all directions to see how you're suppose to move, as if you were really joining our group!

To use VR modes (currently Basics, Tai Chi and Meditation), you'll need a VR viewer. Please head to our list of viewers page to get an idea of what kind of viewer you'll need.


You'll want to take your phone out of any protective casing, click to the mode that you want to try (such as Meditation VR), and you'll be prompted to click the screen and insert your phone into your viewer.

When you're in VR mode, your gaze will control the buttons - meaning there is a colored dot in the middle of your vision that will select your options; just point that dot on what you'd like to open, such as "Turn Music OFF", wait for the green dial to fill in, and the dot will complete the action for you.

Take caution when in VR mode - you won't be able to see your hands or your environment, so practice in open areas and connect to Wifi to prevent roaming data charges.

Most importantly, have fun.

VR box for Tai Chi
VR menu for Tai Chi
Split VR screen for Tai Chi
Tai Chi instructor
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